Tropical Leaves

Meet the pastor

Favorite Hobbies: Surfing, Snowboarding

Biggest Fear: My kids not following Christ

#1 thing on your bucket list: Tour Asia

Favorite T.V. shows: Comedy

Favorite Animal: Anything that’s not a cat

If you could have lunch with anyone from the past, present, or future who would it be?: The winner of next year’s Kentucky Derby (for obvious reasons)

Craziest thing you have ever done: Jumped off the roof of a three story building into a pool



I’m Brandon Hendriks, and I am one of the fortunate few who get to love what they do for a living. I could have never chosen student ministry for myself, but God certainly knew what he was doing when he called me into it. As the Family Ministries Pastor at Pacific Coast Church I oversee all the student ministries as well as kids ministries, but I also teach for and lead in the high school ministry. 


I was raised in Bellflower, a little North-East of here, in a Christian family.  In high school we moved from California to Southern Oregon, where I graduated. I became a Christian as a Senior in High School, and then changed my college plans to attend a Christian school in Georgia. That only lasted a year, but I met my wife there, so it was a year well spent! We transferred to Simpson University in Redding, CA, where we both received Bachelor’s Degrees, mine in Youth Ministry, Psychology, and Biblical Studies, and hers in Psychology and Music. I’ve since earned a Master’s Degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary as well. Melissa grew up in Florida, so the move to California was a big deal. She’s definitely a Cali girl now, though.

We started in high school ministry at the church we were members of in Redding, and ministered there full time for about six years. Then we ministered in Modesto, CA for about five years before moving to PCC. During our years in ministry we’ve had three incredible sons and one fantastic daughter.


There’s much more to our story, but if you want to know it you’re going to have to get to know us! We love sharing meals with people and doing life together.  Give me a call or shoot me an email.


Why I love student ministries


It’s the very best way I could spend my life. Students are on the verge of so many massive life decisions. If they can get on the right track (or stay on the right track) in high school it will likely lead to a lifetime of following Christ, which is the best thing ever!